Java max is horrible, from the top level, Marcel, Iraj Fateh and more to bottom line, all they do hurry to get your money, or tie you with their disgusting financial company


with %23.9 interest.Their so called "location providers" are even more disgusting and have no respect for you and do not even bind to their own signature under the location agreement contract.

They go ahead and breach the contract whenever they want without giving a *** about what would happen to us financially, the question is why did you sign the contract then? you are a boss, manager, president, etc. and you pretend that you do not know what contract and its terms mean? It is one of the worst possible company with inexperienced personnel who deliver awful service.

Their administrative staff put you in long hold or do not return your call when you are at the location and need help with the newly bought machine. their training is a rushed one and wrong, such as putting the brewer filter OVER NIGHT in VINEGAR (strong smell),while the Coffee machine has its own cleaning tablet which takes care of routine cleaning of brewer filter.

Who wants to have a coffee which has a tint of vinegar smell!there is many more terrible things to say about Java max.

Review about: Coffee Vending Machine.

Java Max - JAVAMAX

Toronto, Ontario 0 comments
Not resolved

we as other people want to make extra income to meet all needs.we met these people in a presentation for JAVAMAX in The Westin Prince Hotel in North York where they told all who atteneded the meeting and showing all the benifets you can get from their business within One year "you'll make your money back" but the reality is that after 9 months we got only $480.oo in total sales from 2 machines in the locations they provided for you; eventhough they charged $1500.00 for each location.

we add our voice with your complaints againest this Scamming company.

we should get together to get a solution for our problems.

Contact me @

Review about: Coffee Vending Machine.

Scammed by Java max - vending machines

Toronto, Ontario 1 comment
Not resolved

Bought brand new one coffee vending machine AND one pop and snack machine one year ago with location for 25K - both machines are now in my garage.Java Max does not even return phone calls and does not even both to give any customer support and in fact are asking for more money i.e.

$ 1000 to find us another location. All staff working there are not at all supportive and all they want is more money.


Review about: Coffee Vending Machine.


Scarborough, Ontario, Canada #725831

I agree with you I got two machines and was promised good locations and what I recieved where location that earned me a whole 20 dollars a week. As I have the machines with a leaseing company they have been reposed and now I waiting to see how much I will have to pay after they are auctioned off. Be warned don't have anything to do with this company :( :cry

Java max Fraud

Hamilton, Ontario 4 comments

Shame on this company for scamming unsuspecting victims!We should call the police and report this company as fraudulent!

Once they have your money they want nothing to do with you. Despite what they say about helping you succeed all they care about is lining their own pockets with your initial purchase of these machines! Someone has to stop them! Now we have two machines - one is in need of repair and i can't get in touch with anyone from java max to service it because they don't respond to phone calls and the other one is sitting in my garage because the location they provided was terrible!

What recourse do we have? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Perhaps we can launch a joint lawsuit against these criminals.Please advise.

Review about: Java Max.


Mississauga, Ontario, Canada #874992

same experience


Can you please provide your email address or a way I can contact you, I say the same: shame on this company.Everything you wrote is completely correct.

I am in the same boat as you. They should be stopped and give us our money back and take back their useless coffee machines and their hateful location providers!

Not perhaps, but definitely we should launch a joint lawsuit against Java max who destroys lives.All aspects of their support means nothing and their new technician is not knowledgeable and does not know what he is talking about!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #685221

good idea to do a joint lawsuit against javamax?Please email me at Have lost 25000

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #681540

These type of vending machine scams never work out for the investor.

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Java Max - Agreed javamax is a scam


I was pressured into buying two coffee machines not one like i wanted but "two is the minimum" marcel and robert said with promises of getting my initial investment back in first year. it is true they are very hard to get ahold of after they get your money the inflated price of these machines is supposed to be because they help u through process but after they get ur money it's over don't return phone calls, $24,000.00 I paid for two coffee machines one of which is in my garage since the location they gave me was garbage it wasn't worth my time to service the machine, once I told them the location they gave me wasn't producing they said that they will provide me another location for $500.00 they are a terrible business not reputable at all the machines break down often despite what their sales pitch will tell u, Marcel and Robert are scammers and should be ashamed of themselves especially Marcel don't believe a word that guy says I feel like in their next presentation I should show up to warn all the unsuspecting potential investors if u really want to get into the vending business or coffee business u can buy machine for less than half price from crane merchandising company look it up!

Review about: Coffee Vending Machine.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada #685223

I think it would be a good idea to turn up at all their future presentations and warn unsuspecting customers. Am in the same situation like you. Email me at

to zersis #947424

I have gone bankrupt, and I am paying the inflated loan Marcel got me from Lancare Finance with my life time savings.The got me a site inflating the number of students there which made me accept it I tried calling Marcel and the technicians to fix or transfer my machine, no response.

Can some one tell me how to reach this guys? Lancare finance is on my neck, and I have not sold the first packs of coffee and milk creams that were installed in the machine since I bought it in December 2013.

I am starving, my family is in the risk of being driven out from the apartment.Please send me words on how to get to these guys at


Toronto, Ontario 1 comment

have been a victim of the same co javamax marcel and andrew pressurized me in 10 min to buy the machine and next day even pleaded for a refund of my money but didnt get it was forced to buy the machine cheats and criminals !!!!!!!!!!!stuck with the machine made huge monetory losses doesnt even cover the interest cost now will take me 20 decades to recover my money they should be caught.just got a call from another victim who was pursuing a lawyer to recover the money, should go to small claims court to sue this guy marcel and robert

Review about: Coffee Vending Machine.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada #685226

Please me know if it is at all possible to go to small claims court. Email me at


Toronto, Ontario 2 comments
Not resolved

This company takes your money and does not care if you make a dime back after your investment.They are only interested in your money --they lure you in with false promises --DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR MONEY -THEY ARE SCAMMERS --ALL OF THEM.

You will regret ever speaking to them. They are full of false promises --they will sell you on big financial gains but it won't happen. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY --I HOPE TO SAVE SOMEONE FROM MY FAITH. I will never recover any of this money that I have paid to them.

They are scamming people daily.

Review about: Coffee Vending Machine.



Yes, they are real...BUT THEY ARE THE ULTIMATE RIPOFF WITH THE WORST,IF ANY, BUSINESS PRACTICES!!!They market this as a business opportunity or package but really, as soon as you PURCHASE their horrendously priced machines (at) around $9,000 EACH PLUS TAXES (which sells around $2,000 in Alberta and elsewhere), they won't care in the world with you!

They will charge you with a Location fee for around $1,200 PLUS TAXES and these locations are not even busy and YOU CAN'T CHANGE IT even after just a few weeks when you know it's not working at all! That's how they make their RIPPING OFF investors and exaggerating the numbers like they were factual with basis! My current locations (BOTH) only makes around $150-200 GROSS!!! Average 5 cups per day!

So don't believe it when they tell you all these horiffic numbers!!!Please..NOT ANOTHER VICTIM!!!


Marcel Gilenault is a *** artist behind this scam. I hope he goes to jail. :(

Java Max - On Second Thought...

Brampton, Ontario 2 comments
Not resolved

Wow, JavaScam. Luckily i came across your post because me and my family were looking into investing with JavaMax, but after seeing how unprofessional and crooked they handle an investor, no way. That's illegal! and to think companies like them are in business. Taking advantage of innocent people and their hardworking money!

Honestly, i have to inform my friends and relatives about this because it seems like this is the way they are making their money, and selling false promises to unsuspecting people like us.

Good luck and hope you get your money back! Keep us informed about what's going on!

Review about: Unprofessional Personnel.



The following people are involved in the Indcom Leasing/ Javamax Scam (Marcel Gelineault and Simon Ham): Address: 5061 Ure St.Oldcastle, Ontario N0R 1L0 Canada Phone: 519.737.0020 President: John Funnell - ext.

23 Cell: 519.819.1920 Treasurer: Donna Whaling - ext.

24 Cell: 519.819.7060 Client Representative: Nicole Praill - ext.25 I hope this helps with the investigation.


BTW, if anyone knows any company that vends machine and not scam client, plese infom us so that we can invest into them.

too many scam is out there today!

we have to watch out. Canada money is not easy to get.


Toronto, Ontario 60 comments
Not resolved

I paid javamax ( 5694 Ambler Dr, mississauga , L4W 2K9 , Ontario) $5,000 for a deposit on a coffee vending machine full value cost being $12,593.85 for machine delivery and installation in January 13th 2012. A sales representative called Robert and his crew organised a seminar which i attended, and gave projections that one machine could make me $600 a month profit, and it had very low overheads . After doing my due diligence from other investors who quit the business or are still struggling, they gave me a rude awakening that $600 was impossible, not even $150 a month per machine, even with a good location. I called them on 20th january, and told them I wasnt interested anymore in the business, and I wanted a refund, since I also had my own financial struggles to deal with.

Since January until today, they have taken me on a wild goose chase, refused to answer my calls, and gone ahead to tell me that Robert their sales representative whom i was dealing with doesnt work with tme any more.!! Therefore they cannot give me back my deposit, yet everything was put down in paper, with the deposit paid via RBC money order to them.

They have been so rude to me, especially one of their representatives called Marcel, telling me that the time they spent talking to me, is even worth more than the $5,000 i paid as deposit, and that i should consider myself lucky that they are still talking to me. is that how investors/clients are treated ?

I AM WARNING EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO BUY COFEE MACHINES OR GET INVOLVED WITH JAVAMAX: Their projections of profits are highly fraudulent, and nothing close to reality. They just use their good looking brochures and fliers to entice and lure unsuspecting investors who have worked for their hard earned money, giving false hopes that you will have a great residual income business with them. As a matter of fact, i met about 3 former javamax vending machine owners who totally lost hope of making their money back, got out of the business, and when they went back to javamax, javamax offered a buyback of the same machines which were still in 10/10 condition, for only $2,000 , something they bought at almost $13,000 .

Therefore anyone who is planning to invest in javamax, think twice..!!

BTW, Robert and Javamax, Give me back my $5,000 ASAP! I never bought the machine, all i paid was a deposit, with agreement that that if i dont pay the remainder by the end of january, i lose the location. JUST THAT! So, I opted out of the business even before this time elapsed, but you guys started taking me round and round, and finally started ignoring my calls..! how "PROFESSIONAL" of you JAVAMAX and "ROBERT" ..!!



Review about: Coffee Vending Machine.


Mississauga, Ontario, Canada #874994

Hi I had the same experience.I paid deposit but then found out from some vendors that there is no hope to make money out of these machines.

I learnt a big lesson.Did you get back the money?

to Kevin Toronto, Ontario, Canada #875075

Kevin What do you think . Go fly a kite are you Really asking if he got his money back. Yeah and with

interest hand delivered.

to Anonymous Mississauga, Ontario, Canada #875183

I actually called consumer protection ontario and they said it's not a consumption since this is involved with business.Then I went to see my lawyer and she said deposit is clearly non-refundable.

Then I didn't bother to call them and took it as a lesson.

It happened in 2012.shame that nobody stands up to this fraud and sue them.

to Kevin North York, Ontario, Canada #875194

Yes I did eventually

to customer Mississauga, Ontario, Canada #875204

how did it go?


I am scammed by this f*** guy $22000 for sony snaplab UPCR20L.This guy should go to ***.

God *** him.

They are scammers, big big scamers, be very carefully.Now they move to 119 west creek drive, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, L4L 5N6


There should be a CLASS ACTION against JAVA MAX by all the vendors who basically went through *** dealing with JAVA MAX and get their money back.JAVAMAX should not be in business with all they have done to the vendors and ultimately their families.

JAVAMAX staff are RUDE, IGNORANT and whatever you can imagine.

JAVA MAX is one of the WORST that you can imagine, IRAJ FATEH one of their staff, says; it is my job to get JAVAMAX SALES, I do NOT CARE about the rest, how and at what price to the vendors. All IRAJ FATEH cares about is having KEBOBS all days. . JAVAMAX have NO RESPECT for vendors, which without them their business would NOT EXIST.

Hopefully soon JAVAMAX becomes history and goes OUT OF BUSINESS.Vendors .

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #798574

I just talked to a guy named Andrew on the phone and have a seminar to attend this week.I decided to google up there phone number considering its the only bit of information I have on this company.

This page came up and now I am surprised at what I've read I want to go into the vending business but want something legit.

They are SAITAN ....SAITAN

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #798573

They are evil dangerous and need to be stopped.Justice needs to be done. If anyone anywhere has any information on them post so others can be protected. HS

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #779349

Marcel is a crook,throw him in jail.JAVAMAX IS A RIPOFF.


FALSE PROMISES-$25,000 in Debts with no return;


Brampton, Ontario, Canada #779341

Java Max is the biggest crooks-they should throw these guys in jail for scamming people of their hard earn money.BBB should look at these guys to never run or own a business again.

They are criminals.


What goes around comes around .... say hello to my little friend.. coming soon to a new agency near you!


I attended to Javamax seminar in regards to the vending business opportunity. I was very intrigued with the information presented. I actually was looking in getting involved with a business like this for a few years back. I was qualified to become part of the vendor ownership program.

Before I proceed I did decided that my partner and I should investigate more. We did come across to this site and realized what others had to say about the company; however my partner and I thought that not every business opportunity that swings by is for everyone.

So we decided to take the risk like every other business owner and submit the down payment to start our own business. My partner and I have never been happier to say that we have made the right decision in continuing with the vending business. We have three vending machines; two placed in a private collage and another at a retirement home. Business could not be better then what it is. We are now looking in to expanding our business further.

to Anonymous #742550

Nice try marcel.. people are not as dumb as you think.

to Anonymous #836376

NONE of the above is true, Of course Javamax staff would post these positive!!!!!!! paragraphs.

Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada #738353

Yeah right. Thats believable.


Scarborough, Ontario, Canada #738340

thanks for this feedback, I attended an info session about the vending business, which honestly I liked it so much.I paid them a down payment of $5000.

later on I found this comments, I asked them for a full refund which they have issued it in a bank cheque within 4 business day.

I am still looking for a vending provider who can replace them as I really liked the idea, and after long trip in the market I'm really confused what to do, JavaMAX looks like professional company not like the others who just heard about the business and started it.


Great update to keep us all posted, hopefully other potential victims will connect them with Javamax, I wish there were ways to protect future seekers from their dreadful scams


They've rebranded as Canadian Vending Distributors (CVDI). The Javamax name obviously got too many bad reviews, so they change to something generic.

Same outfit, same scams.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #684200

Marcel Gelineault is a cheater and human trash.He charged us$23000 for one unit of printing vending machine.

I want to stop him but can't know how to do it.He ask for a punishment.

to Anonymous Scarborough, Ontario, Canada #725834

Marcel is a scammer and a lier and should not be trusted. I hope he burns in ***

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #627998

We came across their ad and had pretty much the same experience with them.Went to a Saturday seminar followed by a 5 hour speech by Marcel about how satisfied their clients are with their vending machines and how they keep coming back for more.

He insisted that this is such a good investment and that there is a selection criteria as they were only interested in reliable clients for such limited locations they had. He did not give us a chance to decide and he was VERY pushy to close the deal. He said he has a few potential clients and with such limited locations he had to go talk to his manager and review all the files and decide in 10 minutes. So he left the room and came back smelling like cigarette (obviously had had just stepped out for a smoke and there were no potential files to review.

He said we were selected and had to sign the papers. But we refused to do so because we had to think about it especially that $25000 is not a small amount of money for us.

He insisted we get back to him before the end of the day.They kept calling us a few times and we simply said we are not interested anymore.

to Nick #628122

It hope you had googled them before you went and very good you didn't get snookered.Where did they hold the seminar?

Someone , get a pic of them to post .Everyday there will be a victim not as smart and not forewarned, they must be stopped.

to Justice 2 Toronto, Ontario, Canada #631372

This was back in August and their seminar was in Mississauga location. I did not know for sure it was a scam until I came across this website.

to Nick #630399

OMG!!!That is the exact same spiel he used to convince us!!!

That there are limited locations and that we were selected and we have to decide right away!!!! The difference between us is that, we fell prey =( AND NO, WE ARE NOT GOING BACK TO THEM!!! AND NO, WE ARE NOWHERE CLOSE TO 10% OF THE SALES THEY PROMISED AT THE SEMIMAR!!!

We are just trying to make our money back slowly which may take us a century if we ever will...:cry

to OMG #630459

Hello.Unfortunately you won't make your money back .

Get it back from them.

There will be more dupes and victims unless they read these consumer truth serum accounts.They must be stopped.


The following people are involved in the Indcom Leasing/ Javamax Scam: Address: 5061 Ure St. Oldcastle, Ontario N0R 1L0 Canada Phone: 519.737.0020

President: John Funnell - ext. 23 Cell: 519.819.1920

Treasurer: Donna Whaling - ext. 24 Cell: 519.819.7060

Client Representative: Nicole Praill - ext. 25

I hope this helps with the investigation.

to Justice Brampton, Ontario, Canada #623838


Thanks for posting the info on the Indcom Leasing involvment with Javamax, they (Javamax) have involved and colluded with other leasing companies too.JM aka Marcel Gelineaux /Simon Ham are reaching deeper into obscurity to try to fund their scam op.

Leasing companies become willing and knowing partners in this consumer investor blatant rip off. I am surprised anyone has the nerve to deal with them with all this consumer alert don't they get it ? ... LOSE.

Donate your money to charity !

Post pics of them if you can they will try to hide behdin a 'new name' soon and have moved to Woodbridge, 113 Westcreek Dr, 'midnite move' dine and dash from Ambler Drive Mississauga March 1 2013.Gone like the wind ..

to Justice 2 #836380

Simon, the other crook says that the woodbridge office is their address and is not their address at the same time.


Marcel Gelineault and Simon Ham are criminals, Be careful, they will ripoff your money. Check their previous *** companies: Panama Joe Coffee, Stars...

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #619065

hi everyone i was so lucky that i got my deposite money back from them.i was in there seminar last week and after depositting 500$ they told me they are going to get a loan for me for 25000$ but i was lucky i did not get approved by bank.

they did not call me and even when i called them they say we will call u .

i said ok but when i saw these comments i was shocked so i went to mississauga location ambler drive but the place was deserted but luckily they called me since u did not get approved bring a co-signer but i told them i dont want to do this and please give my money back so i could got their new address and went there and got my realy sorry for other victims so im going to put thier new address for everyone its 119 westcreek drive vaughan.on L4L 9N6

so good luck everyone i hope you get your money back

to think about it twice #619086

Great thanks for posting.Anyone ever seen or know Simon Ham.

We need to post pics of them.They morph like a bad virus

to think about it twice #619117

You are very blessed!!!!!If only everything they said during the seminar were true....

You won't be surprised why it is very enticing to a lot of people. I am one of the vendors and only God know if and when I will make that $25,000 back... They just don't know what they are cauing people and if they do, they don't really care. So I really wish this won't happen to other people too.

It could be worse. I have read how some had invested with Marcel G and Simon H's precious companies ad how they did not get anything at all. Not a machine. Not a business.

Not even a return call.Just $60,000-200,000 down the drain :(

to Unfortunate #619139

They are evil dangerous and need to be stopped.Justice needs to be done. If anyone anywhere has any information on them post so others can be protected. HS


Hey all Javamax are trying to escape from Mississauga to an other city,

to Robin Hood #611774

Good work. They're probably reading this site and getting heads up to run and hide and disguise and rip off their next victim.

to Robin Hood #619113

Yeah, I called and was told they are moving to Richmod Hill. They have probably scammed too many in Mississauga and it's time to start with a new town who may not be aware of what hey are getting into. I really wish there is something we can do to get our money back =(

to * Toronto, Ontario, Canada #655802

Javamax don't trust therm ,now they moved from Mississauga to Vaughan.,

They Chang the name like VENDCOM ..Every day I am crying .

Some body should stop them.they are cheating people .


5694 ambler drive Mississauga Ontario 905-602-5771 1-888-600-3755

Simon Ham big scammer (owner) Vending machines

Never gave me back my deposit and found out many other never got it, people are taking them to court all the time, and not paying employees as well. when you sign contract read back, your deposit if you change your mind will NOT be refunded Simon Ham Scammer makes money on deposits. Charges $20,000 for two machines plus product,locations etc

KEEP AWAY there are better vending companies around. Simon Ham claims in business for 27 years but he never told you he has starz1, straz group, and others , he changes companies often.

Time to be true Simon Ham scammer, don't take advantage of people with their money.


they are dangerous and have no mercy

Simon Ham, MArcel Gerinault


buyer beware, in response to your question proceed at your own risk, it is clearly stated here and throughout many other sites, it is up to you whether you abide. Best of luck , you'll need lots of it!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #604704

I just talked to a guy named Andrew on the phone and have a seminar to attend this week. I decided to google up there phone number considering its the only bit of information I have on this company. This page came up and now I am surprised at what I've read I want to go into the vending business but want something legit.

Brampton, Ontario, Canada #603005

I too have been ripped off by Javamax, the individual who submitted this report, Thank you, can you contact me at and anyone, take heed, DANGER, DO NOT PROCEED with Marcel Gelineault, aka Gelineaux, Simon Ham, or any of their sales people, they are a SCAM....

They are well documented in victims of Javamax, feel free to contact us for class action.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #600029

I just came from a seminar from these guys. I was on alert for scams because of all the scams out there. I was almost convinced until they asked me for a deposit. They then tried to pressure me into putting down that deposit saying that opportunity is gonna past. I had a feeling it was a load of crock so i came home & googled.

It sure is a load of ***.

Beware folks

North York, Ontario, Canada #584265

hey again

It has been a while since i caught up with you. i have been looking for other investment opportunities. did any one find any good vending company that we can invest in ? or does anyone else have any other great investment ideas that we can put our money to ?

please let us know.

BTW jaamax victim, how is your case going on with javamax ? i realy fell in love with javamax machines n strategy, but their business ethics puts me off. Please let us know how your complaint went on.




They claim to have been in the business for 29 years, but if you search for javamax. You can never find information about this company othere than from their under-developed website.There is no way you will see that they are a well-established company at all.


If you do further search online, you will see that they went by different names, changing it all the time due to the many complaints they got: Panama Joe Coffee, Starz1, Canada Vending, Moneta, Semi tech, Iphoto24, etc...And you will also find many complaints against the owners and managers: Simon Ham, MArcel Gerinault, Iraj. It's unbelievable! I hope there is a way to stop these crooks from victimizing more innocent people with their hard-earned money!


I am shocked and suppriced at what am seeing.How long has this been happening.

I am coming down from doing a six months placement and my wife has been telling me about this vending business I just told her about this scam she is in schock too.

The plan was to come home and get started immediately she even has an appointment set for next month where we were planning on paying for a pair.She was more exited than me and was almost paying a deposit of 10,000CND just to show them how seriouse we are.

Ive got to tell my pals about this its unbelivable!!!


Is that right! I thank myself for making a google search before even calling them. A friend told me about Java Max and their business opportunity, and got me very interested in the business venture. I even saw their fliers and he gave me their brochure.

The prices for the machines were abit high from the brochure, but with the low cost of running the machines and high profit margins, I wouldnt mind paying .

But now this! complaints and more complaints? I'd rather invest my money in another residual income highway like ATM machines or maybe open a car wash, I dont know yet. I'm kind of depressed now, reading about how they treated a potential investor . I believe they have no right to stick with your money, if you decided to pull out after paying $5,000 only! $5,000 is not worth them tarnishing their company profile. Unknown to them, it will cost them even more eventually. Anyway, thats my personal opinion.

Thank you Javamax victim though, for the enlightenment. !


What!!!I cant believe this what is this world coming to.

I just attended a seminer and untill I saw this artical all that been on my mind is how great an opportunity this is. They made me feel I was very lucky to be considerd and I was compeletely sold. I wanna express my dipest gratitude to whoever has brought this to light.

Ill sure let my friends know to be wear of rhier money.i am in so much shock I was just about to loose 25,000 CND God bless this day.



Hello Carmen ur very lucky unlike some of us who got carried away with there over exagurated profit mergines and low overhead cost. Please be adviced you will have done urself a big favour if you ventured into investing with another company if not into another Business. But Javamax is a bad idea you would have regreted it coz all they are interested in is your money and northing else.

It is smart of you to have taken your time to do ur reserch before moving on to loosing money that youve worked so hard to obtain. Imagine just loosing it to a bunch of crookes sitting in an office waiting for inocent unsuspecting investors like u and others out there.


so what you are saying is that these guys are a scam and give wrong facts and figures.

I saw their ad the other day when driving, and thought it was a good small niche. but this claim now has made me change my mind :( . I dont want to lose my money!!

I better think of investing in something else other than vending machines i guess. the big question in my mind is "what else" can i invest in, that is legit ! :(

thanks anyways JAVAMAX VICTIM for the red-flag!


Hi!I was also scammed by Javamax with their impossible numbers made by magic - from the unreal low overhead costs, to the potential earning which is far from impossible, when we are now only making $150 a month per location x 2 is a struggle!!!

And they said you will get your #25,000 investment back in a year or less!!! Definitely not true! Not even 6-7 years!!!! And the location they give you, which they charged you $1,200 + HST to start with, DOES NOT MAKE MONEY!!!

Vending locators in the business only charge $500 no tax! And they will make changing locations sound so simple but they will make you pay that $1,200 again and again! That is how they rip you off starting with a machine they charge you almost $10,000 after tax each which you can actually buy for only $2,000 elsewhere!!!

ARE THEY MORE JAVAMAX VICTIM LIKE ME HERE?IS there any way we can file a complain to a government agency to stop them from scamming and taking advantage of vulnerable people who only wants to improve their finances, but instead, push them all the way down in debt?!!!

to JAVAMAX VICTIM TOO!!!! Brampton, Ontario, Canada #603010

Hello I am a victim as well, I have posted a comment , please feel free to contact me and get a class action started.

They are very dangerous and have to be stopped

to iwillwin Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada #836383

where is your contact info. can you post your contact info. I want to start a class action as well.


Hi guys i would like to make a suggestion.Try Gamma Vending they are located in Markham but they offer exceptional sevice and they are extremely affordable.


Oh yes, javamax victim.! I'll stick to my money and look around for any other companies that have good reviews on vending machines. My boyfriend and I havebeen shocked by how javamax has dealt with its clients, and there's no way after reading your experience with them, that we can go into business. No way!

I cannot believe what I would have done if we would have lost $25,000 in a shody investment.

Anyways, keep us updated on how your treatment with them goes, and please inform us if they refunded you your money in full amount or not, so that if they don't , we will spread out the message to everyone online, who is planning to invest with javascam.

thank you.


to Arlene Brampton, Ontario, Canada #603012

Yes 'javamaxscam', Marcel Gelineault, Simon Ham, Mark Singh, Iraj, Robert, Pauline and others who 'work' there. Equilease and Frank Small


Hi Arlene first I'd like to tell u that ur very lucky to have done ur reaserch befor parting with any of you money because the truth of the matter is they are a big scam. I would advice u to hold on to ur money and keep searching around for a real investment 25000 buck is a lot of money.As a matter of fact thats what i was looking for but there was no way i could raise that much so they suggested i start with one unit and made me feel like they were doing me a favour.

thanks for ur comment.


Be serious "Javascam" .Wow, you got me scared and I'm immediately going to cancel my plans of purchasing 2 vending machines from them.

see, my boyfriend and I saw their poster last week, and for the whole week we have been plannin' on how we will combine our extra cash to purchase the vending machines as another form of passive income! But if that is how they deal with customers and how they scammed you, I'm sorry but they have lost our trust and business.

Javascam, do you know of any other company that can be trusted and is legit ?Please share with us if you know.

thank you so much for warning us in time.I would have lost over 25k with these guys OMG.

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